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Five Misconceptions about attending the PR Comic Con

In hopes that everybody learns a little bit more about how things work at the Puerto Rico Comic Con - and all over the world in other conventions - we decided to clear up some questions that we get over and over again. Read them carefully!

1) The Autographs cost Money! The Photo-Ops cost Money as well??

Yes, the autographs and photo ops DO cost money and some DON’T. You got to understand something very simple: artists attend comic conventions as a way of work. Just like you go to your office and work for a living, they travel the world promoting themselves and this is a way for them to make a living. Each artist decides if they want to charge or don’t charge. Years and years ago the artists didn’t charge anything for autographs or photo-ops, but since people started selling their signed items for profit, they decided to charge themselves. This is a totally normal thing on a convention and you need to prepare your budget if you want autographs or just a picture of your favorite artist/celebrity. Important to add: sometimes each item the artist signs has a price. Be careful and plan ahead.

Prices for our show are decided by the artist and the information will be available soon at our social media pages.

2) Why are the lines so long? Why do we have to wait so long?

This is a two part answer. Let’s break it down: the lines are long because there are lots and lots of people that want to get inside the event. We expect thousands of you!!! So it’s completely normal to have to wait in line. Don’t believe us? Google it and you will be surprised: try searching for “NYCC lines” or “SDCC lines” and you’ll see how long they can actually get. 

Now, let’s get to WHY you need to wait so long to get in. It’s very simple: we need to be careful and be absolutely sure that all of you and the PRCC team is safe. We need to check every bag and every person for weapons, dangerous materials, etc. So think about this when you are waiting - we are making sure that you will be in a safe environment. It’s for the best for all of us!

3) Whoa! There are no more tickets available! Just sell some more 2Day Passes, VIP or Single Day Tickets!

Every venue (place) has a limit of people that it can hold. Think about your house, for example. Now, imagine that you will have an awesome party. Would you invite 10,000 people to your home if your house only holds 200? No way, right? That’s how the PRCC works. The Convention Center has a number of people that can be allowed inside the venue - and we do a calculation based on how many people stay inside the show. So, by law, we only sell a limited amount of tickets. Once they are gone, we cannot sell any more. That’s why we are always telling people to buy their tickets before the show to make sure they attend the show. At our social media sites we usually let people know if tickets are beginning to sell out, so keep an eye on us for updates.

4) I have been asking for (Insert Your Favorite Celebrity Here) but they haven’t been invited to the PRCC. How is this possible?

Like any other production around the world, the artists that we bring are based on various marketing strategies. We listen to our fans always and we try to please them as much as we can - provided that we stay on budget. Now, there are some things we think you need to know:

A) Some celebrities don’t attend conventions on their own. This is a FACT. When you see them at High Profile US conventions like San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con is because the studios paid for them to be at that show, specifically for promotion purposes. We cannot contact studios, this is a promotion that THEY decide, not the PRCC.

B) Some celebrities have work or other plans and cannot attend our event during Memorial Day Weekend. As much as we try to work around dates, they have to work and we have to respect that.

C) Some celebrities are not interested in coming to Puerto Rico. Sad, but true. All we can hope is that their fans show them that we would love to have them here at our show. Write them on Twitter, Facebook, let them know that you want them to come to our beautiful Island. When we try to contact them, your tweets and posts will make a difference.

D) Some celebrities are already booked for other conventions near our date or exactly on our date. Remember, there are different conventions scheduled all around the world on the same weekend- sometime we score amazing guests, sometimes we have to try next year.

5) I made this amazing prop and now it has to be stored at Weapons Check. Whyyyyyy?

Well, first of all, you need to read our Props Rules here, it’s very important:

Listen, we get it: you want to look awesome and your cosplay needs to rule. Some of you make amazing things! But at the end of the day, the PRCC believes in one simple fact: if your prop can hurt someone, it will stay at Weapons Check for the safety of all attendees. Accidents happen and we are trying to avoid them. We want you to be safe! Besides, you don’t want to be responsible for hurting someone and having that hassle the day of the show, right? We all want to have fun!

Well guys, hope this helps. If not, do some research. Look for FAQ’s at different shows and you’ll see most conventions work like we do. If you have any questions, Tweet us or Message us at Facebook and we will do our best to help you out.

See you in May! Lots of Geek Love, Team PRCC.

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