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What’s it like to work with the PRCC?


The Puerto Rico Comic Con is a truly awesome show, which breaks records of attendance every single year. On 2014, we had the biggest crowd ever: 30,000 fans showed up to geek out for the whole weekend! But since our show is getting bigger by the minute, we decided that this would be the year that we would open the doors for fresh new talent to join our team. So if you sent in your resume, we decided to tell you a little bit more about what we do - and if you finish reading this, and still want to participate - you rock!

What can you expect if we choose you as one of our team?

Lots of work. We mean it. You will work like you’ve never imagined. It’s not an easy job. You have to walk all day, talk to people all day, sometimes even run from one point of the center to another. That means that you will probably miss a LOT of things during the show, depending on what station the bosses decide to put you in. Staffers have not been able to fully enjoy the show like an attendee does in years! Keep this in mind because people always think that our job is the same as coming to our show - trust us, it’s not. 

The PRCC is a family and once the team thinks you delivered, worked hard, was responsible and proved yourself as part of the pack, you’re in for life. Why? Because we like to work with people we trust - and know they will be awesome at their posts.

You WILL enjoy the show in a completely different way. Depending on the station you are chosen to work in, you’ll get to meet guests in a very special and intimate way, you will not miss any special panels and the most fun of all, you’ll meet loads of amazing new people while running around in the show.

Do staffers get Special Guests to sign or take pictures with them?

This one is a tricky question. The PRCC has a strict rule of staffers not asking for autographs and/or photos for free with artists directly. It is completely forbidden to go up to an artist and ask for any of these items - in any moment of the show. The funny thing is that our guests are sometimes so surprised at how caring, devoted and kind our staff treats them, that sometimes they offer to take pictures with them, but only if they choose to. Some of our staffers have made long lasting friendships with our guests after the show! At the end of the day, it’s all about what the artist feels like doing that day with our staff.

Do Staffers get to cosplay at the show?

Sadly, not anymore. Years ago the PRCC allowed staff in cosplay but when the show got bigger and bigger it was harder to find them in a sea of other cosplayers. Besides, it’s more easy for our attendees to spot them out in the crowd and ask for help.

Do staffers need to know everything and anything related to comics, anime, manga, cosplay or any other comic convention related theme to work?

Nope. We only need you to be extremely responsible, to not slack off during the job, be attentive to details, and follow instructions perfectly. The only other thing required is that you HAVE to be friendly. Extremely friendly and nice to people is the key to success at the PRCC. In some posts you do need to know a thing or two about entertaiment, but if you don’t know about something in particular we can move you to another post.

Does the PRCC gives training to new people?

Oh yes we do! Every year we have a 3-4 hour staff meeting to discuss all the details about the show, our guests, any requirements from our senior staff, etc. This year we will include to that meeting a full training session for our new members, so that you can learn everything about our show and how to work around all the posts - that case if we need you to rotate to another station for emergency help, you’ll know what to do.

What benefits do the staff get from the PRCC?

All our staffers get paid equally for the whole weekend, all their lunches are free and we also pay for their parking. Besides that, they get special gifts from the production (when available). Some past perks have been attending movie premieres, video game consoles, video games, loads of comics, free DVD movies, exclusive t-shirts and much more. On 2014 we gave all our staff tickets to the Blue Man Group!!! They always also enjoy being able to talk to special guests, which in our book is a total bonus. Also, they get to come to our sister event for free, Freakshow Arts and Music Festival. We think those are lots and lots of perks, don’t you think?

Can staffers participate in the cosplay contest?

To maintain our contest completely democratic and not give anyone an advantage, the PRCC does not allow them to participate in the contest.

If I get chosen to work at the PRCC, can I work at any other small convention in Puerto Rico?

The PRCC is successful, it’s because of its team - and lots of people out there want to know our recipe! With that in mind, another strict rule we have  - and this one is totally unbreakable - is that PRCC staffers CANNOT work in any other convention here in the Island. We ask for exclusivity, always. In case you are wondering, yes, PRCC staffers can attend any other convention or event during the year. We only ask that they exclusively work with us and no one else.

Finished reading this long list and still want to “join the collective”? We like that spirit!!! If there is one thing the producers love about the staff is this: they TRULY are proud of wearing their badge and being part of the biggest convention in all Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. From the producer’s point of view: we could not do this without them and we also are proud to call them family and members of our show.

We are receiving resumes by the hundreds - for only 20 new spots! The production could never have imagined to see how many of you want to work with us. During the month of October we will start calling potential candidates for a brief one-on-one interview over the phone, if you make the first cut then we will ask you to come to your official interview for a second round. In 2015 we will call the chosen staffers! How cool is that???

What happens if you don’t make the cut this year? Well, you don’t need to worry. We will still keep your resume for future references - besides, maybe you can help us out with all our others sister events!! Keep your hopes up, always.

Hope to meet lots of you very soon. Geek power! Team PRCC

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