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A Fan writes about participating at the PRCC Cosplay Contest - and winning it!

Although the PRCC has ended, the amazing stories keep coming in. With the permission of Nicole Jannette (You can find her in Facebook: we copied her story so that all our fans can enjoy it. The PRCC production staff found a way to follow the Weapons Check rules and help her enjoy the show at the same time - how cool is that? Our Cosplay Contest is all about having fun, meeting new people and letting the public decide which is the winner of the day - it’s a Geeky Democracy! Nicole, thanks so much for writing your story and letting us share it. We hope to see you next year!


Read her story below:



Hey guys! ^^ Just wanted to let you in my amazing experience at this year’s comic con! This would actually be my second year going to comic con but my first year cosplaying! At first I had no idea of what to cosplay but I remember being in last year’s row to go into comic con which was almost to this same date of the year and one of my best friends came up to me and he told me: hey there’s this really awesome new anime coming up and you kinda look like one of the girls in it, you should cosplay her for next year. I gave it a few thoughts and finally decided to give the anime a try and after watching it I completely fell in love with it. So it was decided I would definitely cosplay Ruby Rose from RWBY. I involved my parents in this and with the help of my scholarship we did the arrangements to start buying everything for my cosplay! The last piece of my cosplay arrived in April just some weeks before comic con. I gave the cosplay and the prop its final touches and I was READY FOR COMIC CON! So the day had finally come!

My friends and I had arraigned a van to take us to comic con so we had to be ready at 6:30 am to go on the road! I started waking up ppl like at 4 am so everyone could be ready in time! After waking everyone up I started getting me and my sis ready with our cosplay’s. At about 6:20 am almost everyone was ready to go. my friends had decided to meet at Isabela mall which is where most of us lived in exception of 3 of my other friends benji, alan and Joshua who live in Aguadilla. We hit the road about 7 am . We stopped at a McDonald’s in Hatillo to eat breakfast and while there we had the chance to catch up with some other pretty awesome cosplayers from Isabela! After finishing breakfast we hit the road again and got to the convention center about 9:20 am! I was so amazed by the amount of people and the amazing cosplay’s I saw while walking ! while walking to the row I experienced what I had never experienced before xD picture time! It’s just such a huge difference when you cosplay!

Getting back to the story xD we went on the row and waited to go in ! When I was finally in I was told to go to the weapon both to get my prop checked! When I got there, the weapon staff checked my prop which is called the crescent rose. My prop is made of wood and pvc and it was actually really heavy so I couldn’t take it in. I was pretty sad and made a bit of a berrinche lol.

Deciding that I didn’t want to go in, I stayed outside really upset till the weapon staff convinced me of enjoying the con and that I could go look for my weapon whenever I wanted and that I could take pics there although I couldn’t take it in, after some moments of giving it thoughts I decided I would go in. Weapon staff was really happy to hear that.

So I got in and started enjoying myself. Met some amazing people and started taking pics with other cosplayers and RWBY fans! Some of them popped the question as to where was my prop so I told them they could come outside to the weapon both with me to take pics! The weapon staff probably wanted to kill me after that lol I don’t even know how many times I asked for my prop but they were actually more than happy of seeing me enjoy the comic con after being upset! While in front of the weapon both taking pics I noticed there was another both next to the weapon one. I asked and was told that it was the information booth if im not mistaking. I saw ppl signing a paper and the staff from that both giving them numbers so I decided to ask what was up, ppl were signing up for the cosplay competition and after giving it so much more thoughts I decided to give it a try!  I made # 30 on the list and after hearing the girls instructions I started on my journey to get votes!

I told every single person that came up to me to take a pic to vote for me if they hadn’t voted for anyone yet! Some of them did vote some of them didn’t. I also gave them the chance to hold my prop! ^^ I wasn’t actually giving much thought about winning the competition cause there were some really freaking amazing cosplayers and obviously better than mine! After about some two more hours voting was closed. Finally rested for a bit and I was told by the weapon staff that when they started calling the cosplayers I could go in with my prop.

The van was set to go at 6:30 pm and I still hadn’t been called so I decided I was leaving since it was time. Before leaving I went to say good bye to the awesome staff members that I met when suddenly one of them asks are you number 30? And I said yes and she told me you can’t go cause I think you won the competition. Yes guys imagine my face at the moment! Hahaha she dragged me inside of the convention center and I stayed there really worried cause I had to go. So I sent my friend to tell the van driver to wait for a bit more. After the much waited hour they started calling the winners of the competition. I think I didn’t have coherent thoughts on my mind at that moment! And so FINALLY came the moment! The staff was going to call the Best in show winner! AND I HEARD MY NAME BEING CALLED!

After much berrinche, worrying and almost not making it there! I couldn’t believe I had won the contest! It was a surreal moment for me! They took some pics of the winners and gave me my winner’s prize ! More to my amazement I won a Ps4 and Samsung galaxy note 3. My face almost disfigures xD I was in total shock couldn’t stop moving ! when I went down of the tarima I ran again to the weapon and information both! The staff was shocked just like me! They congratulated me and took pictures of me! Y para finalizar ese increible dia con broche de oro I finished eating at my fave fast food lol!

Words can’t express how grateful I am for this amazing experience! Never in my wildest dreams had I thought about winning the cosplay competition! I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends and the amazing ppl who voted for me I can’t thank you guys enough but mostly without the amazing weapon staff members who encouraged me and gave me support during comic con! Thank you guys so much! ^^




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